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Grow Your Tech Or Trade Business  By Working Smarter, Not Harder

Hi, I’m Joel Hayward the tech and tradie business coach!
For more than 10 years, I’ve been helping technical and trade service owners grow their businesses to create more cashflow, time and profits and reduce overwhelm by working smarter not harder.

There are 4 key areas where I can help you earn more and work less.


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business coach for tradies

3 Steps To Simpler Growth

Our unique approach is designed to help owners of service-based business get the focus, systems and tools needed to create growing profits and handle the demands of business growth while simplifying business and reducing stress.

business coach for tech and trade
"Working with Joel helped me get clarity on how to grow and implement the right plans and systems for my business. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants help to grow their business"

Andrew Thomas, INVENT DESIGN

How I Can Help You

Get a clearer, more confident, view of your business so that you can achieve greater control and drive the outcomes you want.

More Clarity

Getting clear on your goals and your destination and your reasons for doing so is critical to business growth.

More Confidence

Success involves making the right decisions and taking the right actions at the right time.

More Control

Get the strategies, systems and solutions to help you manage and grow your business. 

Real Results

Most of my tech and tradie clients now generate more than $2,000,000 in annual sales.
On average, clients increased their business profits by around 250% in the past year.
Many were once stuck in a rut at 6 figure sales (but now all that has changed for the better!)

A business with growing cash, profits and equity is a healthy business.

Here's some of the numbers we helped clients achieve last year.

Extra Cash Flow > 404%

Extra Profit  250 %

More Equity 142%

How My Approach To Coaching Is Different

Let's face facts... most business coaching fails to really hit the mark.

You need more than just encouraging words and a few random spreadsheets to help you achieve your goals.
And the last thing you want is to be loaded down with a ton of extra work!

At Tech and Tradie Coach, I specialise in a hybrid coaching model - this is a mix of coaching, consulting and business performance advice. You need a mix of motivation and accountability, help to solve problems and ready solutions to plug and play when you need it. I work with you on all these fronts. I also think a mix of group interaction and working 1:1 with business owners makes a big difference and achieves the fastest results.

Many coaches and advisors have one main skill set, be it marketing or sales development, team building etc. Or maybe it's a focus on financials. I come from a broad background, having gained proven experience across all facets of finance, management, sales, marketing, organisational development, business growth and 35+ years of working this out through muliple recessions has taught me a few things about what drives business success in good times and bad.

Your Own On-Line Coaching Portal 

Get your own web and app-based coaching portal to access worksheets, articles, courses and private messaging. Our unique approach is designed to help owners of service-based business get the focus, systems and tools needed to create growing profits and handle the demands of business growth while simplifying business and reducing stress.

tech and tradie coach

Get tailored coaching and training in your pocket

Instant, any-time access, to your own private coaching chat thread

Consistently measure actions and activity

Easily see your progress in real-time

Drive visibility and accountability

Image by Austin Distel

Will This Work For Me?

I specialise in helping service business owners and entrepreneurs from the following sectors


Tech Professionals

"We help all types of professional services firms, including legal, financial, health and more. Essentially anyone who bills clients for professional services "


Field Tech

"We help technical and allied services businesses, from IT, electronics, logistics, equipment hire, engineering, vocational training and many more"


Trade Services

"We help the full range of traditional trade services businesses, including plumbing, electrical, contracting or any trade you charge time & materials for"

Grow Your Business Faster And Easier

Stop wasting time. Get the expert assistance, systems and tools you need to help your business grow. Our coaching is structured around what's working now in the real world and designed to help you get results.

Still wondering if business coaching is for you?
Book an obligation FREE "Clarity Call"

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